Solid State Disk

2.5 MSATA M. 2 2242 / 2280 SSD SATA III Internal Solid State Drive Lot 6Gb/s DH

2.5 MSATA M. 2 2242 / 2280 SSD SATA III Internal Solid State Drive Lot 6Gb/s DH

2.5 MSATA M. 2 2242 / 2280 SSD SATA III Internal Solid State Drive Lot 6Gb/s DH

Ideal for desktops and notebooks. Improves battery life because it's 35x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive. 100% faster than a typical hard drive. You're able to work longer before recharging your laptop while sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s give the speed you want for your most demanding computing applications.

With thousands of hours of pre-release validation, dozens of SSD qualification tests, and a heritage of SSDs, the Dogfish ssd has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. Every Dogfish SATA SSD is compatibility with a wide range of desktop and laptop computers. High Capacity With Enhanced Reliability. A Dogfish SATA SSD uses technology not only for higher capacities than the previous generation Dogfish SSDs, but also to help reduce cell-to-cell interference for enhanced reliability. SSDs generate less noise and heat. Dogfish SSDs are lightweight and have no moving components. Because the SSD is entirely still, your computer will generate less heat and noise when operating with an SSD. (1) Up to 550MB/s read transfer, write transfer speeds lower.

Speeds based on internal testing. (2) Comparison based on internal testing. Actual usable memory capacity may vary. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.

Dogfish is not liable for any loss of data or images. Dogfish SSD has read speeds of up to 540MB/s and write speeds of up to 500MB/s for faster(Machines with different configurations can vary in speed)application response times and boosted transfer speeds. You get the speed to easily run high-end applications like video games, HD media players, or creative software. Our products using original MLC chip, An industry-leading 1.75M hours Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) and several error-correction technologies for lasting reliability. Optimized for multitasking to simultaneously run resource-heavy applications without system slow-down.

Dogfish SSD go through extensive compatibility and reliability testing, and are certified by DF FIT Labs to work with a wide range of desktop and laptop computers. Interface: SATA2.5/ mSATA/PCIe NVMe/ M. Flash Memory: Tier-1 3D TLC or MLC flash.

Certification: TAA, RoHS, FCC, CE, WWN. The speed of our SSD is: for 2.5sata, msata, M. 2 (2242 2260 2280) interface. 32GB read 200MB/s write 140MB/s.

60GB read 400MB/s write 180MB/s. 64GB read 400MB/s write 180MB/s.

120GB read 500MB/s write 420MB/s. 128GB read 500MB/s write 420MB/s.

240GB read 550MB/s write 450MB/s. 250GB read 550MB/s write 450MB/s. 256GB read 550MB/s write 450MB/s.

480GB read 570MB/s write 500MB/s. 500GB read 570MB/s write 500MB/s. 512GB read 570MB/s write 500MB/s. 1 TB read 580MB/s write 530MB/s. Before choosing the product, please confirm the appropriate size of your equipment: 2242mm or 2280mm!

Part of the machine model for Dogfish NGFF SSD. HP:Chromebook 14; EliteBook: 820 G1, 840 G1, 850 G1; EliteBook Revolve: 810 G2;ProBook: 430 G1, 430 G2, 450 G2, 640 G1, 650 G1;ZBook 14. LENOVE: G410, G710, V4400u; Essential: B5400, M5400;Flex, Flex 2, Flex 14, Flex 15; IdeaPad: L440, L540, U330, U410, U430, U530, Y410p, Y510p;ThinkPad: S431, S531, S540, T431s, T440, T440P, T440s, T540, T540p, W540, X240;ThinkPad Edge: E431, E440, E531, E540; ThinkPad Yoga;ThinkPad S3;K4450, K2450;LENOV: X240S. SONY:VAIO PRO 13 Series, VAIO DUO 13 Series.

2.5 MSATA M. 2 2242 / 2280 SSD SATA III Internal Solid State Drive Lot 6Gb/s DH